Greed Is It Worth It


money shark being greedy
money shark being greedy




It appears that in this day and age, greed has become an addictive trait that I believe was not so prevalent in my younger years, greed is it worth it?





It appears that all people seem to care about is the status that they can cast on others.





Things were quite different than I remember or seem to remember.





Now it seems like everyone is worried about themselves and how much money they can bank.





Morals just seemed to change, but I guess so did the world of how people act and react to different situations about it all.





Nowadays it seems as if people just don’t have such a warm and giving heart like it was when I was growing up.





People seemed to look out for one another always having a hand to lend if needed.





Usually with no questions asked as long as it didn’t hurt anyone or do damage to anything.






Now in this day and age, it seems like people just do not have time for one another.




Or they just don’t want to get involved with anything that does not prosper them in some way or another.





So I ask myself, greed is worth it?





I believe that greed is a main factor in how things seem to going these days.





Homelessness was not even heard of or even seen back in the early years of my life.





I never heard of homelessness unless it was in the movies about the time of the great depression.




I think that it affected most people living in that time unless they were well-to-do.





Even then I think it changed people then or it changed the way that they thought.





Greed has done so much damage to people that it makes them miss out on dealing with or even meeting people.





It seems that greed is destroying the way people live and think as if they don’t have time for anyone who needs help in some form or another.





Of course, greed is one of the seven deadly sins according to the bible!





I just wish people would slow down and observe the way the world is going or the direction the human race is heading.



So next time you see someone who needs a little help try and help them out the best you are able to, even if it is just a little time you can offer.



After all, you just might make their day a bit brighter which is always a good thing for most!



So I ask, greed is it worth it?



Try to remember to try to feel good for yourself always because others will feel good also!!!

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