Who Are You

chalkboard who are you
chalkboard who are you


Us being us gives us a blind spot that we seldom ever know. We never see ourselves as others do.



One of the greatest challenges is truly knowing yourself. Though it is a challenge worth pursuing.



There are many benefits of knowing yourself better. You learn to manage your life and yourself.




Ask yourself, “Do I distract or engage myself in many challenges? It seems like we all have our way of avoiding things we don’t feel comfortable doing.




It appears we always find a way to avoid those things by going shopping, eating, reading a book, surfing on the internet, going for walks, or saying we are busy.




Learning how you distract yourself from doing things that need to be done allows you to understand who you are.




We seem to always ask how my younger self would distract me in this situation.



We always wish that a time machine was available so we could have a do-over with ourselves.




Do you realize the best part of the day that allows you to focus the best?



Is it in the latter part of the day or is it early in the morning?



This is also a part of knowing yourself.



Ask yourself at what part of the day am I the most creative and how do I use it.



Try to use the best 10 words that describe you accurately and try to be honest.



Are these the words that you would like others to describe you by?



Then ask yourself, are these the words that you want to be described by?



Think about the things that you are tolerating in your life then ask yourself if are there any of them you wish were out of your life.



May it be your boss’s extra weight or anything that is negative in your life.



How do you describe the meaning of life and are you living it as you want?



Ask yourself what is my greatest weakness and how is it impacting your life. Learn how to work around it or with it.



Ask yourself what your greatest strength is and learn to use it to your advantage.



No one is perfect and everyone has some kind of weakness for it is how to be human. Use both to your advantage!



Knowing yourself makes you powerful.



If you know your strengths and weaknesses, and how to manage yourself effectively, you become a powerful person.



If you know the type of person you want to be and how you want to live, you have a direction.



Knowing yourself is the path to freedom.