Way To Find True Self

awaken yourself
awaken yourself


The true self is part of who we are at times. Your true self defines your emotions, experiences, and your body. Can you describe yourself honestly? You might claim you are an American with Asian ancestry. The wife of Dave who is a doctor.  Or you could say you were the wife of Terry a firefighter with  South  American ancestry, you would still be the same person that you are. Your life and experiences might be different but theoretically, you would be the same person. There is something about us that is constant but it seems hard to describe exactly what it is.


Who are you?

One thing for certain is that if align yourself with who you are, you will be happier in your life. Living a life that is not who you truly are will make you feel as if something is lacking in your life. No matter how well off you are or how much success you have if you are not being your true self something will surely be lacking.


Try these tips to discover who you are!

1. Find your level of extroversion/introversion. Do you feel more comfortable when you are by yourself or with others? Think when you are at your best.

If you have to deal with a lot of people and are naturally introverted, you will be stressed more and have anxiety.

If you are extroverted and spend time a lot by yourself it will drive you crazy

Think about the things you liked as a child and do you still like them. It might be fishing, checking out antiques, taking naps, or just helping someone out. Think about the characteristics and qualities in your life that have been constant.

It’s important to make the most of your life but be realistic about who you are.

You cannot create your true self. You can only discover, acknowledge, and accept it.