Stop Avoiding Your Problems

problem and solutions
problem and solutions



We need to stop avoiding our problems.



Procrastination passive-aggressiveness and rumination are just a few of the hurtful coping mechanisms.



Some of them use it unconsciously or consciously to not face actions and thoughts that make them very uncomfortable and not take action according to VeryWellMind.



This is an action that hurts all involved.



The world is changing fast and it can become a very difficult place for some.



These days issues appear to emerge out of nowhere and seem like most times about nothing.



The world is moving quicker every day, and some get left behind.



It seems like every day somewhere a plethora of conflicts come to light and it can get tiresome and exhausting.



Just sit and watch the news at night and somewhere someone is shooting someone.



The news is very depressing at times when sitting down and taking the time to watch it every night.



It tends to make people think and feel differently and will cause a person to flee from their problems and deal with them in a different way than they normally would.



It tends to allow people to flee from the troubles they’re experiencing.



If you tend to do this you will spend all your time running away from your troubles.



In time they will sneak up on you.



So, how can we successfully tackle our issues and move toward a future where we are no longer afraid of them?



Let’s look at some ideas to help you quit running away from your troubles.



Let’s stop avoiding our problems.



Take your problems and divide them into tiny steps.



Greenberg, the author of the book The Stress-Proof Brain, advises working through the easiest phases first after splitting the problem into manageable sections.



This is an example of putting off looking for a new job.



You will compartmentalize the process into updating your resume, finding and contacting references studying the positions speaking with individuals working in the field, and so on.



Use Your Support System




Our support network is an underappreciated asset.



Do you feel alone?



Do you feel overwhelmed by your problems and cannot find an anchor?



Do you get the impression that no one cares about you and it seems that no one is eager to assist you?



If you do, you should have a look around.



I am confident that there is someone who would be delighted to assist you in overcoming this obstacle.



Remember that we encounter a slew of issues daily.



There is no need for you to believe that you must solve all of them on your own.



This might lead to feelings of stress, which can contribute to you fleeing from your problems.

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