True Happiness

true happiness at heart
true happiness at heart



Experiencing true happiness involves those moments of relief, bliss, laughter, or joy that we encounter in our daily lives.



Imagine a friend asking you out of the blue during lunchtime how happy you are at that very moment.



This is what we refer to as experienced happiness, the kind that arises from the activities we engage in over a certain period of time.



On the other hand, remembered happiness relates to our overall perception of ourselves.



It is how we would answer the question, “Are you satisfied with your life?”



It encompasses our memories of high school, vacations, family holidays, childhood friendships, work history, and even past relationships.




Remembered happiness provides a broader perspective on our overall state of happiness.




It is not surprising that experienced happiness and remembered happiness don’t always align.




For example, on average, millionaires tend to have a higher level of remembered happiness compared to individuals earning only $50,000 per year.




However, millionaires often face greater responsibilities and pressures in their lives.




They may experience work-related stress, manage larger households, and deal with demanding partners.




Consequently, despite their financial success, these individuals may have fewer moments of spontaneous happiness in their day-to-day lives, resulting in a less joyful existence.




Conversely, an ordinary employee who considers themselves less happy due to a lack of material luxury may, in reality, experience great joy and satisfaction in their job, family life, or hobbies.




As a result, they may have more blissful moments throughout their day.




Although experienced and remembered happiness can be distinct, having a history of happy moments in both our past and present allows us to attain true happiness.




The old saying is true I believe that happiness is what you make it and where you make it.




Just remember that there is always someone else who has it worse off than you do!



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