Stress Struggles

stress or relax
stress or relax


Stress Or Relax



Stress can impact us at any age.



Stress can become or is a mental condition that has consequences that are physical for us all.



It can affect your life or your entire existence in different stages of your life.




Learning what causes stress at different stages of life and how to alleviate the symptoms that can cause stress in life.




Children Stress Factors




When you think about people getting stressed out most children never seem to come to mind.




Some think children have nothing to be stressed out about.




They don’t work to pay bills and some think all they have to do is hang out and play games eating and chat with friends.




They just have to go to school and come back home some think.




Most think it is a dream come true.




There are many things to stress a child out these days and they need to be addressed while they are young so it does not carry on into life later on.




It seems like bullying is a major stress factor in school.




Some say that talking to your teacher fixes things but that seems to never have a positive fix.




They feel that they are trapped at school with the bully and appear to be no way out.




They tend to not look forward to school every day and look forward to the weekend just so they don’t have to deal with it.




Then again if their home life is full of fighting or arguing then they get stressed out about going home.




Parents who are abusive or even abusive siblings can ruin a child’s life and outlook on life.




Young children cry whenever they’re stressed, upset, or feel as if anything is wrong.




This type of sign is the easiest to recognize, and you certainly shouldn’t overlook it as them being a “whiny kid.”




Older kids have a very different way of showing that they’re stressed out.




And this is the point at which it can become dangerous, so you really need to be looking out for these kinds of signs.




There are tons of different solutions when it comes to helping kids deal with stress.




The first one is addressing the problem at its source.




If it’s the home life that the child is stressed about, then try to improve it by going to family counselling.




This is where the child can clearly communicate their feelings about their home life to a counsellor or to their parents directly.





Try and take stock of your kids and other children so the world will become a better place for all!

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