Acknowledge Your Depression

girl hiding depression
girl hiding depression




Acknowledge Your Depression can be a start for all!


Depression is a legitimate illness that should not be stigmatized.



It is important to address and acknowledge it as such.



Many people refrain from seeking help for their depression due to feelings of shame and embarrassment.



However, ironically, these emotions are often associated with depression itself, making it even more challenging to confront the illness.



When individuals constantly experience profound sadness, well-intentioned friends may suggest simply “snap out of it” or become annoyed with their mood.



Unfortunately, depression thrives on negativity, causing individuals to question why they can’t just easily overcome it.



This leads to self-doubt and a sense of being abnormal for feeling consistently miserable.



It is crucial to recognize that this is not right and that there is indeed something wrong.



Acknowledge Your Depression is only one step for you!



Depression is a medical condition that warrants treatment like any other health issue.



If one had a lingering cold for six months, they wouldn’t ignore it and hope it disappears.



They would seek remedies and consult a doctor to investigate the underlying cause.



Depression extends beyond temporary sadness.



It is the feeling of being unable to rise from the depths of despair, eventually leading to a sense of resignation.



People may begin to distance themselves, exacerbating the individual’s feelings of isolation.



External assistance is necessary to address the problem, just as one would seek help for a persistent cold.



Options such as herbal remedies from the pharmacy or consulting a doctor can be explored, as there may be an underlying physical trigger for the depression.



If a doctor cannot provide a solution, they may recommend counselling.



It is important not to feel ashamed or embarrassed about seeking counselling, but it is equally crucial to feel comfortable with the chosen counsellor.



If there is a lack of compatibility, it is advisable to try another counsellor.



Just like in everyday life, some people naturally click while others clash.



It is essential to avoid a personality clash with the counsellor.



However, it is necessary to distinguish between a genuine personality clash and a disagreement with their therapeutic approach.



Trusting one’s instincts is generally helpful.



If a positive connection is felt during the initial sessions, sticking with that counsellor may lead to uncovering the root cause of the problem.



In some cases, recognizing depression can be challenging, especially if an individual has lived with it for so long that they don’t realize it is depression.



Growing up with depression may distort their understanding of what constitutes normal emotions.



They may constantly feel anger, have an urge to scream in an empty field, experience anxiety, struggle with sleep, or even contemplate suicide, believing their family would be better off without them.



Thoughts of death may consume them, preventing any moments of happiness.



If any or all of these symptoms are present, it is important to consider reaching out to someone for support.



Even confiding in a friend or family member can be a starting point, as they may provide guidance and encourage seeking professional help.



Once the acknowledgment of depression is made, it is crucial to remember that it is a medical condition that can be treated.



The perpetual state of despair does not have to be everlasting. It is essential to recognize that people do not perceive the individual in the same negative light as they perceive themselves.



Opening up to someone and accepting help will reveal a different perspective on life.



Acknowledge Your Depression and take your life back!!!