I am a caregiver for two disabled household members and I am trying to get everything right about being a caretaker.



Which seems to be a learning process that never ceases, always something new when it comes to a new day.


I was in the military and worked as a medic in a mash-style combat support hospital.



I was a young man and thrown into an abundance of madness at this time. I happened to get some training at the hospital while I was in the service which taught me so much.



I have been kinda on my own ever since being a young lad. Back in the very early sixties divorce was almost unknown to the public.



That is when all my survival mode kicked in for just being validated. This led to many bad decisions that left a mark on my brain.



It has been a learning experience throughout my time on this earth though it has taught me many things about the human race. People can be cruel and not very forgiving.




That is a flaw that many just don’t understand and it hurts everyone it affects.



I look at life with a meaning I just forget the meaning sometimes after all we are just human.

I wish there were many more people that understand that everyone has a different story to tell.



So don’t judge anyone until you really understand their story for there are many who are damaged and just can’t find a way to deal with damage!!!




Then there are those who will not even realize that they are damaged because of their pride or just plain denial that many of us humans come by naturally without the help of anyone.



So I hope that things will get better for all and have a very good life!!!




Happy Trails To All No Matter Where They May Lead!!!