Addiction And Self- Esteem

believe in yourself!
believe in yourself!


I believe that self-esteem is something you wish you had when you have some form of addiction.

But then again is it that you have an addiction because you have no self-esteem or is it because you have no self-esteem you have an addiction?

Only you can know and then most people will not admit it or just deny it together. It is part of being human.


Very few will grasp ahold of the truth or just downright admit it. However, admitting it is a giant step in dealing with having an addiction.


Then again when you have an addiction one of the first things you lose is self-esteem.


It appears that no one likes to admit that they have an addiction though many tend to believe that they are in control.


So many addictions in the world today ranging from sex, alcohol, drugs and overeating to perfectionism and the list can go on and on.


Many people think one addiction is worse than the other but in reality, they are all addictions though each one seems to have a different outcome.


They all affect the person with the addiction plus all that they have contact with in some form or another.


How do I know because I am a perfect specimen of someone facing addiction problems?


We all fall into addiction to something that has happened in our lives and usually, it comes from pain from within.


Then again there are those who got their addiction from the genes in their family makeup.


It is passed on from generation to generation if the link is not broken somewhere down the line.


Many people with addictions are good people and mean well they just have a hang-up somewhere.


But hopefully, they can control their addiction so they do not hurt anyone with their addiction.


There are many people who can hide it to a certain extent, and they can mask it when they need to.


Once a person realizes they have this problem they can begin to start and heal or they can seem to get it under control.


Many say that there is no way for a person to control an addiction though I tend to disagree.


I feel that I will always be addicted but I have a reasonable knowledge of my addiction.


In many ways, I believe that if I didn’t have an addiction I would have probably lost my life many years ago.


I think my addiction made me a better person because it made me aware of others and their downfalls as you could say.


I know this will sound crazy to most but I truly believe this.


I was never one to have a bunch of self-esteem bottled up inside of my mind.


I always thought I wasn’t good enough and many never took the time or paid attention to the matter at hand.


I have had many failures to deal with and that just chipped away at my self-esteem quickly.


I have grown used to it and tried to use it the best way that I could which in turn sometimes turned out to be a disaster.


Being traumatized at a young age has had a positive and also a negative effect on my life!


As they sometimes say you have to take the good with the bad.


My self-esteem seemed to get injured in my very young years and one thing led to another.


The only thing that I can say about my addiction is that it hurts no one but me because I seem to care for others more than I care for myself!


Happy Trails Where Ever They May Lead!!!