Millions of people go through a phenomenon known as suicide around the world every year.



According to the World Health Organization (WHO), suicide is the second leading cause of death among people aged 15-29 years old, with over 800,000 people dying by suicide every year.



Suicide is rising unfortunately year after year, particularly among teens and young adults.



This article will explore some of the reasons behind the increase.



Also, try to understand what can be done to reverse it.



Possible Reasons For The Rise Of Suicide



Mental Health Issues



There are many reasons behind the rise in suicide.



of hopelessness, isolation despair seem to be on the rise due to mental health issues such as anxiety depression and substance abuse.




All of these feelings about oneself seem to create a confused feeling about one’s self-worth which can ultimately lead to thoughts of suicide ideas and unusual behaviour.  




Social Isolation



Another possible reason is the social isolation that the pandemic in our lives has changed the way people socialize.




People seem to be disconnected from friends and family even from their community because of all that has taken place with the virus in our lives.




We have tried to learn not to be disconnected from our everyday way of life to a certain degree.




This can be due to a variety of factors, including increased reliance on technology and social media, a lack of close relationships with family and friends, and societal changes that have led to more individualistic lifestyles.




Economic Stress




With the pandemic came many other changes in our lives that affected many of us.




From many businesses being unable to operate doing business the way they were accustomed to many had to readjust or shut down together.




Many had to downsize so this affected many in a way no one wanted.







Financial difficulties can lead to feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, and despair, which can ultimately lead to suicidal behaviour.





Improve Access to Mental Health Services:




Another important step is to improve access to mental health services, including counselling, therapy, and medication.




This can include expanding mental health services in schools and communities, increasing funding for mental health research and treatment, and reducing the stigma associated with seeking help for mental health issues.




In this country, it is many years behind in our healthcare system.




Many will not talk about the issues that need to be talked about due to pride or a feeling of weakness.




It would be great if people got help when they need help so it doesn’t create an action that destroys many.




Listen and Validate




Listening to people can be such a great place to start with people who just want to be heard.



Validating someone will make a person feel that they count and are not just a statistic.




Many people just need to be validated to feel human and that they matter. Everyone matters in this world because everyone can contribute to this world.




Ask Directly:




If you suspect that someone is at risk of suicide, it is important to ask them directly if they are thinking about hurting themselves.




This can be uncomfortable, but it is essential to ensure that the person gets the help they need.





Provide Support:




Providing emotional support and practical assistance can also help to prevent suicide.




This can include helping the person to connect with mental health services, offering to accompany them to appointments, or simply spending time with them and offering a listening ear.




If you know someone who is talking or thinking about hurting themselves or others please have them call and talk to someone who will listen!!!





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