Trust Who

trust is acquired by most
trust is acquired by most


People are right, trust is an essential foundation for healthy relationships and interactions.

In a world that can sometimes seem characterized by greed, dishonesty, and negativity, it’s crucial to have a circle of trustworthy individuals.

However, it’s important to remember that while there may be instances of distrust and negativity, there are also many people who genuinely strive to do good and make positive contributions.

Here are a few thoughts to consider:

Balanced Perspective:

While it’s true that negative behaviours exist, it’s also essential to recognize and acknowledge the positive actions and intentions of individuals.

Focusing solely on the negative can lead to a skewed perception of the world.

Healthy Boundaries:

Establishing healthy boundaries can help protect yourself from negative influences and untrustworthy individuals.

By doing so, you can build relationships with people who respect your boundaries and contribute positively to your life.

Selective Relationships:

It’s wise to choose your companions and friends carefully.

Surrounding yourself with people who share your values and principles can lead to more meaningful and trustworthy relationships.

Open Communication:

Communication is key to understanding others’ intentions and perspectives.

If you have concerns about someone’s behaviour or intentions, addressing the issue directly can often lead to better understanding and resolution.

Personal Growth:

Focus on your personal growth and development.

By being the best version of yourself, you can positively influence those around you and attract like-minded individuals.


Understanding that everyone has their struggles and challenges can foster empathy.

This doesn’t mean accepting negative behaviour, but it can help you approach situations with a more understanding and compassionate mindset.

Community Involvement:

Engaging in positive communities, groups, or organizations can introduce you to people who are aligned with your values and goals.

Remember that while there may be negativity in the world, you have the power to influence your own experiences and the relationships you cultivate.

By making conscious choices and focusing on the positive aspects of people and situations, you can contribute to a more positive and trustworthy environment.

As Always Happy Trails Where Ever They May Lead!!!