2016 Election

presidential-election 2016
presidential-election 2016



The 2016 United States presidential election was one of the most divisive and contentious in recent history.



The campaign was marked by vitriolic rhetoric, personal attacks, and a deep sense of polarization.



Since then, the way people are treating one another seems to have changed, with an increase in mass shootings and hate crimes.



The rise of hate crimes and mass shootings in the years since the 2016 election is alarming.




According to the Anti-Defamation League, the number of anti-Semitic incidents in the United States rose 57% in 2017, the largest single-year increase.



In addition, there has been a rise in hate crimes targeting people based on their race, religion, or sexual orientation.




The mass shootings that have taken place since the 2016 election have shocked the nation.



From the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando in 2016 to the recent shooting in a Pittsburgh synagogue in 2018, these attacks have left communities reeling and questioning how such senseless acts of violence can occur.




But it’s not just the high-profile incidents that are cause for concern.



How people treat one another on a day-to-day basis seems to have changed.



Social media platforms, which were supposed to connect people and bring them closer together, have become hotbeds of hatred and abuse.



Online bullying and harassment have become commonplace, and people feel emboldened to say things they would never say to someone’s face.




It’s important to acknowledge that the 2016 election did not cause these problems.



Rather, it exposed and exacerbated existing divisions and tensions in our society.



But it’s also clear that the way people are treating one another has changed in the years since the election.



There are many in the government that have an outlook on many things that harm individuals just because of their beliefs.




We are all different and have different beliefs.



But that is no reason whatsoever to treat people other than the way that you would want to be treated!