You Make Me Feel

emotions we need everyday
emotions we need everyday



Have ever noticed how other people can influence our emotions?




They have the power to make us feel happy or sad. It’s interesting to think about how they achieve this effect.




Do they simply hand us a container of sadness or offer us a bucket of happiness?




Can we find pre-packaged emotions on supermarket shelves?




Some might argue that you can buy happiness or sadness, but I disagree.




We often rely on others to dictate our emotions.




We expect them to do or say something specific in order for us to feel happy.




And when they don’t meet our expectations, we become upset, sad, or hurt.





But here’s the truth: we can’t control anyone else.





The only person we have control over is ourselves.




We choose how we feel.




We decide how to react to others and make assumptions about their intentions.




Sometimes, we jump to conclusions without considering alternative perspectives.




No one can physically give us unhappiness or joy like a tangible item.




These emotions are intangible and exist solely within us. Let me share a recent experience at a wedding.




I genuinely complimented a friend on her appearance and outfit, but she misunderstood my sincerity and took offense.




Even if I had been sarcastic, she could have chosen to accept the compliment and feel better about herself.




I remember a guy I knew when I was younger.




He wasn’t conventionally attractive, but he had confidence.




He would approach attractive women at bars without fear of rejection.




If they turned him down, he simply shrugged it off and moved on to the next person.




He never let rejection dictate his emotions.




Believe it or not, each of us has the power to control our own feelings.




We can choose to feel happy or sad.




Just by thinking about it, we can change our emotional state.




It’s almost like magic, isn’t it?





So why not choose how we feel when interacting with others?





Most people operate on autopilot, allowing their bodies and minds to function without much thought.




They forget that there’s a person inside them who can take control.




But if we choose, we can regain control over our emotions and stop relying on others to determine how we feel.




When someone says “Good Morning” at the office, we can choose to grumble or respond positively.




We have the power to feel good or bad.




Just remember, you are the only person who can truly make yourself feel anything.




Don’t let the people around you bring you down.




Take back control of your life and decide to feel good.




If someone rejects you, see it as their loss.




If someone insults you, pity their confusion.




It’s time to break free from autopilot and start consciously choosing how we feel.




Don’t let others dictate your emotions.




Take charge and enjoy life to the fullest.

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