Getting Her To Eat

problem and solutions
problem and solutions



I am one of those people who like everything about eating food. There is really nothing that I don’t like.



Though again I haven’t tried everything but most things.




When I was young, back in the early sixties, things were a bit different than they are today.




My parents went through a divorce which was just about unheard of in those days.




My father had gotten custody of his children and really didn’t know what to do.




He was in the Navy at the time and spent a lot of time out at sea.




So when he had to raise four kids by himself it became a challenge.




So when I got hungry and wanted to eat I had to learn to cook if I wanted to eat.




There was never anyone home most of the time so it became trial and error.




Now that I have gone through life at an age where I am getting older I didn’t want any kids because of a rotten childhood.



Had to break the cycle as I saw it.




Then I ended up with a lady who was just about in the same situation.





She had two children that are up their age they are supposed to take care of themselves.




Her daughter who is the oldest had a child who was a preemie weighing in at 28 ounces at birth.




Needless to say, she was born with many problems.




She was born with G.E.R.D. and could not hold down any liquid or food when she ate or got fed.




They went through a procedure and put a NISEN in her stomach, so she ended up on a feeding pump for seven years.





Slowly she had to be taught to eat which was a challenge needless to say.




Every time she eats she has gas and is very embarrassed about having gas, so she prefers not to eat.




It literally scares me because she is so tiny.





With her being autistic she has many issues some would say.




But she has taught me more about life than anyone has ever attempted to.




She did it naturally because that is what type of person she is.




However, I am still worried about her eating habits and how little she eats.





Being a caregiver is no easy task but being a caregiver for two disabled people is a real challenge and it teaches you so much about life!




I have learned to not sweat the small stuff.




Happy Trails To All!!! 

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