man trying not to be held accountable
man trying not to be held accountable

Accountable When


All that has been going on in the GOP is hard to believe that the government would allow people or even people whom work for them to act in such a fashion and no one be held accountable.


Back in the days when I was a young adult people would put country first and nothing like this would even gone  on.


It seems that people get so indulged with themselves that they just do not have time for any one else except themselves, more or less comes to self serving.


What ever happened to American Pride where everyone was one?


I grew up in A small town and at the time everyone sort of knew one another and tried to look out for each other.


The worst thing that was happening at the time  was the Viet Nam war until Richard Nixon came along and disgraced the country’s way of looking at the GOP and the government.


Now with the ex-president doing all that he tried to do to remain in power it makes you wonder how did someone like that ever get in office to begin with. Everyone no matter what needs to held accountable for their actions no matter who they are.


If it were an everyday person that pulled the crap that he pulled the person would not of even got a chance to do anything for themselves.


So why should this man be any different than you or me?


He is just a person who was born into a wealthy family and it seems he was always the way he is today.


But not with all the exposure that he got as being president.


It appears he has tarnished his family more than any person can deserve.


It appears that all they seem to  care about is money and not the point of being a good person.


It makes you wonder how many deals did they do by all of his teachings.


But then again I believe that all of them will be held accountable in more ways than one!




Happy trails Where Ever they May Lead!!!



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