Self-Awareness Matters

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revelation -self-awareness



Having knowledge of yourself means that you have self-awareness. Self-awareness matters to all.



It is understanding yourself about your dislikes habits needs and the way you view life and the world.




Socrates’ famous quote “know thyself” is a directive to develop self-awareness.



It is knowing what you want in your life plus a deep understanding of emotional responses.



It doesn’t solve all your problems and challenges in life by having self-awareness.



It does help you get an accurate starting point plus helps develop plans to help with solutions.




It takes a bit of time to develop self-awareness with many benefits that are well worth finding your self-awareness about who you are.




With some helpful techniques, you will be better at understanding your awareness which will benefit many especially you.




Keeping a journal is a powerful tool to help you learn about yourself.




You will be able to write down all the things that happened that day.




List all the challenges you had that day plus all the meaningful things that happened and what helped create them or caused them.




Note down all the things you did poorly plus all the things you did well.



Think about the changes you want to make and how you will make those changes.




Learn how to review your current and past relationships that you have had. Look at how and why your past relationship ended.




What were the challenges you faced with those relationships that failed in the past also why did they fail?




What are your biggest regrets about failing at those relationships?




Think about all the negative also the positive things you brought to those relationships.





It will help you understand what qualities you like and also those to avoid.




Ask yourself why those were good or bad.




Ask yourself and note all the changes you would make if you could go back in time.




Which challenges in your life are constant?




Most of us have a struggle that persists.




It might be our weight, finances, loneliness, depression, or a pervasive lack of satisfaction.




There all many for us to think about.




Without self-awareness, you’re doomed to repeat your mistakes for the rest of your life.




Most of us are pretty good at figuring out what makes a friend or family member tick.




It’s much more challenging to develop the same understanding of yourself.




You spend so much time with yourself, it would be a shame not to have a high degree of knowledge of yourself.



Just remember self-awareness matters!





Happy Trails Along The Way With Self Awareness!!!