Positive Thinking Can Boost Physical Health

think positive always
think positive always


Stress affects a very large part of the population.


Many people do not pay attention to stress, they tend to focus more on possible heart attacks or stroke.


This is a major mistake in their thinking.


Stress is the cornerstone of poor mental health, chronic pain, and disease that can be life-ending.


The famous Mayo Clinic has stated that stress can be greatly reduced by positive thinking and the first step is to end negative self-talk.

There are several clichés, such as “you’re making a mountain out of a molehill,” in terms of blowing things out of proportion.


When a person take a situation and talks themselves into a frenzy, it increases stress.


This, in turn, makes the blood pressure go up and in many cases, causes depression.


The negative self-talk in their head, becomes an endless loop of, “I’m no good, I hate myself, the world is against me, what chance do I have?”


When a person thinks in a such a way, they find it hard to cope with anything life directs towards them. A positive thinker can deflect negativity and find ways to ease or eliminate stressful situations.


Positive thinkers like those who engage in the Law of Attraction theory, more than willingly adopt a healthy lifestyle.


They know they will live longer, healthier lives if they look for positive activities to engage in.


They look to compete in sports, attract friends who want to do healthy activities, and enjoy great healthy food together.


Positive thinking helps greatly with avoiding colds or flu and even if it is a particularly strong virus, the positive mind and body can recover much faster.


You have likely seen a friend or co-worker hit with a cold that stays with them for days.


Their immune system cannot handle the virus because negative thinking has weakened it.


Think back to someone with a really bad cold that stayed on.


You probably heard them say things like, “I’ll never get rid of this thing.” That sort of thinking causes the body to weaken and the cold to gain more ground.


The Mayo Clinic found that positive thinking leads to greater heart health.


There are several ways that one can have a damaged heart.


Stress will weaken arteries. Stress and depression can lead to people making unhealthy choices like smoking, overdrinking, and choosing poor food as a way to comfort themselves.


Many people do not think about how eating a high-sugar diet will affect them, other than weight gain.


They tell themselves mentally that is okay to gain a bit of weight and that they need a burger and fries to make themselves feel better at the moment.


The thought never crosses their mind, that negative thinking combined with unhealthy food will lead to cardiovascular disease.


Positive thinking is an anti-aging device you can invest in.


Those who live stress-free and a fairly simple life, tend to live much longer. Combine positive thinking, with healthy eating and daily vigorous exercise then have the complete prescription for a long life.