Money Over Bugs

bedbug pest
bedbug pest



They choose money over bugs in this place.



Being in a situation where it is hard to find housing that is affordable has led me to a place I could not imagine.



Being a caregiver for two disabled people is a challenge all by itself.



Coming to a new town and not knowing no one is a hassle.



Riding around town and looking for a place to live is stressful.



But having all your household belongings confiscated for the love of money is something I cannot grasp.



Then having to put everything in storage instead of a place to live is depressing every day.



The bad part is that going to an extended-stay hotel can get the best of you sometimes.



Though you think it could not get worse they throw you another bone.



I have never been exposed to bed bugs and thought I never would.



Did I have another thing coming when I learned what those despiteful bugs were all about?



Never seen one in my life!




Then as you tell the staff about them they seem to not even care, not do seem like they don’t care they don’t.




I have been dealing with this bit of bast%$ # @ the way too long and can not seem to get any help from the owners or the staff.




All they care about is the all-mighty dollar!




So it is money over bugs.




Where I am from you do not treat people like that, especially paying customers who ask for nothing except what is right.




Having to purchase the insecticides to get this problem under control is costing me an arm and a leg literally.




It seems no end in sight.




Then having an autistic young adult who has no understanding of life itself is hurtful it makes you want to do things that you do not believe in.




Though I believe in harming or no ill intent to anyone these people seem to be changing the way I believed in my whole life.




I believe that karma will come their way even though I hate anyone’s bad feelings or actions or any bad feelings.




However, I am almost at a point where I don’t care what happens to them for the way they are mistreating many people going through bad these times.




It seems like many people are going through bad times these days and all they care about is the almighty dollar.




I will get through all of this mess I hope That it will all work out as I am hoping it will!




Until then I will not let it break me down and I will feel good for myself and those with me!


Happy Trails To All