question-mark about thinking
question-mark about thinking


It is a far cry from living in the world now compared to the world ten years ago. Now there are more people than ever before. Just go over to the latest census report to check it out yourself. You will not believe just how much the population has exploded.

With that expansion, the need to get more products has come along with it. Of course including food from the grower who had o get it to the market faster than ever to keep up with the demand.

Like everything else the fast-tracking of supplies comes with a cost. Unfortunately, you and your family are paying more than simply your money for these goods. You’re paying with your health– and you may not even be aware of it.

Those foods that are supposed to be good for you-such as apples-are coated with toxins used in pesticides. Manufacturers want products to last longer, they want to hold up and not break down. They put these chemicals in these products for that reason- to keep a product more viable, for that reason not for our health. this is why you should read about the Total Wellness Cleanse where you will learn about cleansing your body from these toxins.

Links Between Toxins And Your Health

You think you eat right. You try to be a careful consumer. How do these toxins make their way into your body?

Like when you read the back of a shampoo bottle, it’s easy to see that there is a long list of ingredients that are difficult to pronounce.

Believe it or not, the majority of these ingredients are toxins. Into your scalp, it goes and gets absorbed into your body. Also, your kids bathe with that shampoo.

When you clean your tub or shower or bath, the cleaning chemicals in those cleaners contribute to the number of cancer cases that continue o climb.

These cleaners are dangerous to your health- so many people switch to green cleaners, thinking that they’re avoiding the damage to their health by not having these chemicals in their houses.

Even these so-called green cleaners can contain dangerous chemicals.2-Butoxyethanol is one that is dangerous and can be absorbed or enter the body through contact with the skin or by breathing and they don’t how dangerous these chemicals are.

They can damage your organs, especially your liver as it works to try and remove this toxin from your body.

It is even more frightening that the government that regulates these products does not even regulate green products. So they do not have to label any of the products listed in the green products.

The labels on green products do not have to list all the ingredients and tell the whole truth about what the product contains.

You deserve to know the truth about what you’re using in your home and the truth is that even looking out for your family, regardless of how aware you are or how hard you try, you can still introduce toxins.


Do you know the cosmetics you wear on your face are full of toxins? The shaving cream, the soaps, the deodorants… these all contain chemicals that have a chance of making you ill.


Any type of chemical you come in contact with has the possibility to do harm to your body. With any chemical contact, you are taking a risk. If you decide to clean your carpet you will come into chemical contact.


Replacing your old carpet with a new carpet allows fumes to be released through the new carpet which contains chemicals. It is possible to suffer from watering eyes, possible headaches, and rashes- plus your respiratory system is giving you trouble.


This is not to say that you cannot replace your carpet, just make sure that you have proper ventilation while this is being gone.


You don’t have to lock yourself in your house to stay away from toxins. Though you can look out for your health and simply do not accept the chemicals that are used to preserve the products from the time it leaves the manufacturer to the time it arrives on the grocery shelf.

Do not think that there is nothing you can do to protect yourself from toxins.


The food that you eat contains some form of toxins. Anything that is processed that you eat contains some level of chemical toxins.


Some natural foods or organic foods can still carry the residue of toxins from pesticides.


The only way that I see for us not to get toxins in our food is to grow our own as they did during World War Two because most of the crops were used to ship overseas for the troops which were called Victory Gardens due to the shortage of food, Allamied at winning the war……