The Power to Think Clearly

The Power to Think Clearly


thinking clearly
thinking clearly

As we all know, Stress is stress regardless of the source, and the tools to manage it are the same regardless of the stress source.





Stress is stress whether you are angry at your boss because you know you did not turn in a deadline or you just did not get paid on time.





What is interesting about this stress that is a big part of most of our lives is that we are generally not stressed about the source of the stress, but we are stressed to manage the stress that we have.





The only difference is that in the case of our bosses we know exactly what is going on, and we have options.





In most of our cases when we get stressed we don’t have options, and we do have to take the stress head-on.





One great tool that you can use to manage and reduce stress is to get a coach and get the advice of someone who already has the stress you have.




Getting advice from a coach or a counsellor is great because you will be hearing from a professional, and you know what you are getting into and you can weigh the pros and cons.






In the event that you take the advice of a coach or counsellor, they will be very good at recommending books to get and tools to manage the stress that you are facing.






The first tool in the toolbox for managing and reducing stress is the most valuable tool of all. The power to think clearly.






To think clearly means to think through a problem in its entirety and come up with a solution.






The power to think clearly also means you can come up with a solution that fits the problem, and that solution will fit your life.






I know this sounds simple, and that thinking clearly is an ability that we possess no matter what the situation, but that is not the case.






The power to think clearly is something that is given to every person who takes the time to think through a problem.






The question is how do we get to that higher level of thinking, and in the next articles, we will discover exactly how it is done.