Myths About Happiness and Aging

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Myths About Happiness and Aging


Some studies have shown that there’s a strong link between your happiness and ageing. People who are happy don’t age as fast as people who just don’t enjoy their lives.

One of the reasons for this is it seems to be because people who are happier tend to be healthier than people who aren’t.


They’re healthier because they’re proactive with their lives rather than simply accepting what will be will be. Seem to have a better attitude towards life which can be understood to some degree.

They don’t give in to all the myths about happiness and ageing. There seem to be a lot of common myths floating around about ageing and far too many people buy into these myths as the truth. Follow your gut instinct.



There is one of these myths is that there’s nothing you can do about your body’s ageing. This isn’t true. There are plenty of things you can do to make sure you help protect the length of your telomeres, which are a good indicator of your life span.


You can protect the length by eating right, exercising, getting rid of stress and focusing on things you enjoy and that make you happy in life.

Another common myth is that as you grow older, you’ll experience worsening emotional health. That is just not true, it is all in your outlook on life!


Do you believe that? You can be proactive and do things that make you happy. It’s also a myth that once you grow older, you should retire because you’re no longer as desirable to employers as younger people are.

The way I see it is that you retire when get buried in the ground. Life is about learning no matter how old you are. Never stop learning.

Staying Busy


Keeping a part-time job can be beneficial to older people because of social interaction and the boost in happiness.

There are plenty of employers who are looking for older people because they know older employees are more mature and less likely to blow off showing up for work. Some would even prefer to have someone older around to help out.


Getting older equals become crabby or negative is a myth. Older people don’t automatically become snappish and unhappy.

As you get older, you’re going to have trouble with your cholesterol and your blood pressure is another myth people buy into. Amongst other things in your body. It is a natural thing for all of us.


Happiness is what affects your health, which in turn affects your ageing. Happier people have lower blood pressure and tend to take better care of themselves, which means better cholesterol management. Better sleep and much better health benefits.

Things You Should Know


It’s a myth that growing older means you can’t have plenty of experiences, both extraordinary and ordinary. As someone who’s growing older, you know the value of the big moments and the little moments in life.

They all matter, even the little ones that seem to matter very little.

Though it seems the little things matter much more, plus they seem to have a better impact on the outcome.


You know that it doesn’t take a lot to be happy, that you can find enjoyment in all areas of your life. Just having a great attitude can make the world of difference.

A myth about ageing says that when you grow older, you need to start limiting what you do. Your body will tell you, so listen to it wisely!

So They Say


They say you shouldn’t travel and you shouldn’t get involved in activities like volunteering, mentoring or teaching.

But growing older gives you a great opportunity to travel, to start a second career and to do things you enjoy. Enjoy it well because you only get old once!


It’s a myth that you need to be careful with your body as you get older, that because you’re ageing, you shouldn’t engage in cardio or high-intensity workouts.

You can exercise and you can exercise heartily. Just finds your limits and do not overdo yourself. The best thing to do is pay attention to your body before and after, get to know your threshold.


Many older people discover that they can get in better health in their 60s than they were in when they were in their 20s. Exercising can prevent cells from dying off. Be as active as you can be. Keep them cells going it is never too late.


Another myth is that you should spend most of your free time with your family. Limiting social interaction isn’t good. You need to have a circle of friends outside of your family. People who do this find that it boosts their happiness level.

The truth is some family members can do more harm than good. I sure know some like that.


It’s a myth that you shouldn’t engage in group activities. Getting involved in regularly scheduled activities with other people not only helps prevent cognitive decline, but staves off loneliness and boosts happiness, plus keeps your mind flowing with new thoughts.



When you get older, it’s not too late to be in a committed relationship if you’re not already in one or if you are just by yourself. Having someone in your life that you can partner with can raise your level of happiness and so much more than most realize.


You should just live however you want with no goals in mind is a myth. When you have a reason or a sense of purpose to your days, it can raise your level of enjoyment out of life – especially if you’re helping do something for others such as volunteering to help tutor teens or serving food to the homeless.

There is always someone who needs to learn and your life experience can be a good teacher.


Other common myths are that it’s too late to give up a bad habit such as smoking or excessive alcohol consumption. It’s too late to start exercising.

It’s too late to change your life. It’s okay to let yourself go. It’s never too late to reach for happiness and in the process extend your life expectancy.

It is all in your mindset and a positive mindset goes a long way for you and all those you meet. Remember you got old so many must get there!

Myths About Happiness and Aging are really up to you and your beliefs about yourself. Remember always feel good about yourself!!!







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