Anti-Anxiety Medication

The Side-Effects of Depression







Depression is finally making the news from people who have some authority or you could say some well-known people who are speaking out about the pain depression can create.







They are giving names to the pain and explaining to the world why people do not just pop a pill.






But what is it really that is causing people to not just pop a pill?






Well, there are so many reasons why a person does not just pop a pill.






Some people do not want to get rid of their lives of all the things they do for money.







To others, it feels like they have to live like this forever and some do not have the time to go through the change.







They feel it would be a bit too much for them. So why don’t they just take their medication or do their therapy?







In most cases, people do not just pop a pill as most of these people really think through their issues with their family members or friends.







These issues can be emotional or financial and for these people, take their medication or go through their therapy.






The thing that worries me about most people is that they either do not do their research or their research is insufficient.







When people do not really do their research, they often take something that is not the right medication or is a medication that is not the right dosage.






Drugs like Paxil, Prozac, Zoloft and many others are used to treat depression.







You may think that these are the same drugs we use for anxiety and every medicine store sells them but they are not.







The dosage of these drugs is different than for the ones used for anxiety.






Now there are people who do their research and buy these medications at the right dosage.







But for many people, these medications’ side effects are too much for them to handle and they just stop taking them.







Why they stop taking these medications is because they do not want to take the medication.







Some of these people think that they are just being irresponsible.






They also get irritated with people who say they are just being irresponsible when they stop taking these medications.







They also start saying that people are careless with their life.






But what these people are really saying is that they are not prepared and they have no knowledge.







So they just say that they are not depressed and that they are fine.







So these people end up not knowing that the medication was the reason why they are not functioning properly.







So when they start experiencing the side effects they get angry at the person who advised them not to take these medications.







These people can not accept that they had some other people advise them not to take these medications.







They also feel that people are just trying to get them to fail. These people will get aggravated with you if you even suggest that they are depressed.







This is because they have always believed that being depressed is a stigma.






These people do not want others to know that they are actually depressed.







So even when they stop taking these medications the side effects can still be causing them stress.






These medications can cause some depression and then they become anxious. Sometimes they can cause anxiety before they get depressed.






These people stop taking these medications because they just do not like taking these medications.







So they just stop taking them.






But if you are one of these people then you need to be careful.






Always make sure that you follow the dosage instructions.






Some of these people stop taking these medications because they think that they can get away with them.







They also start to think that the doctor might be right and they can stop taking these medications.







So they start taking these medications and then try to think that the doctor might be right.







But if the doctor says that they can stop taking these medications then they should stop taking them.






So be careful about what you tell them.







You need to make sure that you take these medications precisely and according to the directions.







Do not take the medication at a faster rate than prescribed.






This will help you avoid many unpleasant side effects. Always take these medications exactly as they say.







So for example you say that you need to take 80 mg of Prozac in 5 minutes then you can take 60 mg of Prozac in 20 minutes.







That is exactly what you should do.







These medications can cause you to become anxious.







But if you understand that this can happen then you can just treat it quickly.






You should not panic about this. You should just treat it quickly.







The reason why you panic is because this is not a normal situation.






That is not how anti-anxiety medications work.







They calm you down.






They do not cause you to become anxious. It is just a side-effect.







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