Letting Go Of The Past and Moving On

Letting Go Of The Past and Moving On

tears-in the brain
tears-in the brain

For some there are memories that haunt them that keep them from being the person that they want or can be that are etched in their mind, and they are too afraid to let go of the past that has them bound to an addiction.

They tell me that their life would be better if they could forget the old person that they were and replace them with a new better version of themselves that they have not been able to create yet.

They are bound to the past, and if they could somehow erase the memories of the person that hurt them and that turned their life into a nightmare, they would be able to move on in life.

The idea of moving on has them asking why do I have so many memories of the old person? This has them looking for the answer from their past, and they go back to when they were a child that hurt them.

When asked about the event the answer they give is that that was back when they were a kid and it doesn’t matter, it was then a hurt them d it does not affect them now.

So it is back when they were a kid and it does not matter? They tell me that they are being smart-aleck and that they will go back to when they were a kid and see what is going on.

This happens whenever they are asked about the event that and the response that they give is that they are very smart and will not answer that question, because they will get some nasty answer back from the person.

The memories continue to grow like weeds in a garden and it is easy to see why the person is bound to the past.

Why do we have so many memories of the past?

Is it that we are being smart and not answering the question?

Is it that we are being cautious and we have a mind full of memories of past events that we refuse to recall?

Is it that we are having amnesia? Is it that we are not remembering?

It is not that we are not remembering, but that we are scared and afraid to answer certain questions about the past.

We have been so bound by the past, that we are not remembering and we have forgotten our past, so we won’t recall it.

It is the fear of remembering that keeps us from moving on in life. Is it that we are afraid of the pain that we might be feeling from the past?

We don’t know the answer to that, so we will not reach our past out of fear, and that keeps us bound to the past.

So now the question comes up, what do I do with all these old memories? For some people, it is a burden and they want to release them.

That is a conscious thing. You can release memories of the past. To release memories you need to heal the past, go back to the point of the trauma, the hurt that happened in the past.

That will heal the past, you will get relief and you will move forward. There are many books and programs to help you do that. It is possible.

However, getting to the past is the scary part. To get to the past you need to know that it happened.

Many people don’t want to get to the past, so they get stuck there. It is time to heal the past and that can be a painful process.

The past is painful, it is painful. For those people who are being tortured by the past, that is not needed.

You don’t need to work through the past, you don’t need to do it, so why do it? It is like jumping off a cliff and jumping.

Why not stay on the ground? It is a painful process. It is needed, so you can move on and heal.

That is why there are so many books, so many tapes, so many workshops, so many programs.

It is needed to heal the past. If you don’t heal the past, you can’t move forward.

Do you think all of these things are useless? Why do you think so many people keep doing it?

So many people keep releasing those old memories and it keeps getting them stuck, not healed. If you have the past, you can’t move forward.

You are tied to that past. If you don’t have the past, you can’t be healed. So many people don’t heal their past, because they think that is necessary for being healed.

So many people keep digging their heels in, and not letting go of those old emotions and it keeps getting them stuck.

That is what keeps them from healing. That is what keeps them from moving forward. So many people do it thinking it is useless.

It isn’t useless, but it is unnecessary. There are many techniques for letting go of the past, and it isn’t useless.

As mentioned before, it isn’t necessary, but the focus needs to be on letting go of the old emotions and not the old memories.

Letting go of the old memories is necessary for healing the present. The present isn’t necessary, but the healing is. I am not saying it is easy, but it is possible.