Is It Time To Become A Positive Parent?

Is It Time To Become A Positive Parent?

kids-parents positive
kids-parents positive


The virus has brought us all so much closer together than before.


And one way it has done this is through the ability to instantly communicate with anyone else who is experiencing a similar crisis.


Just take a look at your family today and see for yourself.


Most of us have learned to tune out the negativity in our environment (which can be very good).


But the constant buzzing of the negative voices and thoughts has become a bit much for us to bear.


So we have now learned to tune in to this positive feedback as well (which can be a bit much again!).


We all have learned that once we become aware of the negativity, it is easier to tune in and move on.


But finding those who are experiencing a similar crisis and being able to lend a hand, is a key to this whole process.


This is how communication can bring us together.

Just imagine what we could accomplish as a family if we could “turn off” the negative voices and tune in to the good ones!


How extraordinary would our family life be if we were all experiencing the same high-quality experiences with each other and were able to share these experiences with each other at a cellular level?


Communication has the ability to heal the broken relationships that we have within our family.


Communication can actually increase our family support systems. This is the way it is meant to be.


Communication is the gateway to connecting with others, to helping one another thrive, and to building stronger relationships. Communication is the way in which we allow our children to learn to communicate with us and for us to learn how to communicate with them. Communication is the language of bonding.

I want to encourage you to take the time to learn how to communicate with each other.


If we truly want to raise happy, healthy children, then we must learn how to do this together.


By learning how to communicate, we are giving our children the tools they need to be happy, healthy individuals.


And, we are empowering them with the tools they will need to be successful in their lives as they grow older.


These three things are key to their happiness and their ability to succeed. And, it is crucial to our success as parents and as individuals.

When our children express hurt, disappointment, anger, or frustration, we can be aware of their communication skills and help them to communicate their feelings.


If we aren’t aware of their communication skills, we can be easily angered by their lack of communication skills.


We can be easily judgmental and react by getting into defensive mode and trying to fix their problems for them. But, it doesn’t have to be like this.


Rather than focusing on fixing things for our children, we can offer advice and support.


It is important for them to feel we are on their side and supportive.


We can offer suggestions to share their ideas, encourage their plans and goals, give them guidance on how to go about things, offer an understanding of how they are feeling, offer a listening ear, and offer empathy.


It is important to offer what we know and help them to know how we may be feeling.


We can model the behaviour of sharing their successes, troubles, successes, sorrows and pains.


We can share our own successes, their successes, sorrows and pains. We can offer the model of what we know and show them what we know about.


And, if we feel compassion for them, we can offer empathy. This is how we show how we are supportive and helping and how we model compassion.


It may not be easy to do this especially when our children are in distress or some emergency has occurred.


But, it is something that we must be aware of if we wish to achieve greater harmony in our homes.


If we remain aware of how we may be reacting, we can learn how to model the behaviour of being supportive, helping, empathizing and compassionate.


It is one of the greatest gifts we can offer our children.