Family Therapy

hands- of a caregiver
hands- of a caregiver


No matter how big or small it seems we all depend on our families more than we want to admit.



Your family sets the basis of who you become starting at a young age.



One way to look at it is that our families can be like a piece of a puzzle.



To fill the holes in the puzzle you have to have a piece to fill the hole.



Each piece plays a role in the puzzle to make a picture.



If for some reason the pieces don’t make an effort to finish, there is no hope to keep the puzzle together.



The pieces of the puzzle will start to fall apart.



When this happens hopefully the family will seek help through therapy or counselling in some form.



Family Therapy



The main role of family therapy is to help nourish the family with a healthy relationship within the family.



It can help get to the root of the problem within the family. It also helps the family to communicate.



Some of the advantages of family therapy are that they will able to learn more about each other which in turn will help to get to the root of the problems.



They will learn about each other’s dreams, strengths, and everyone’s weaknesses.



Therapists will encourage members of the family to use certain techniques outside therapy sessions in ways that are helpful.



They can also be used with friends and colleagues.



It takes a lot of courage to admit that the family should seek family therapy because most of us will not admit that there are problems within the family structure.




For some, it is evident that people outside the family notice that there is a problem.



It is nothing to be ashamed of for everyone is different and sometimes that difference can create problems.




Just swallow your pride and do your best!