Corona Virus Getting Us Down

These days you never know what is going to happen from day to day!!! So many people are asking why things are the way they are. Dam, it opens those eyes my friend and makes people look around.

People fighting for rights from those who can not give them to them, or so they think. There is a change in the air that will not go away until things change for some. It is hard to believe that people can be so cruel. It seems to be very toxic everywhere you go these days of the effects of the virus.

Some people handle change more than others, I believe that everyone has to change the way things were done in everyday life. It seems that goes for all of us.

Schools trying to figure out the safest way to open so that everyone will be safe. With the way, some are acting it could be along time before the virus is under control. With no guidance from the health officials.

Some say that the rights of people are being violated for asking people to wear masks. If at all you are a true American you will do whatever it takes to help to control this virus. Even if it consists of mask-wearing.

Sure not everyone looks good in a mask but think of the lives to be saved. Though then again some look better with a mask on! I am probably one of them.

Parents having to deal with homeschooling and most seem like they are not ready for homeschooling. Then again it will be a learning experience for most.

From all the closing of businesses, we learn not to take things for granted like in the past. Many of us took things at face value. It is a total rebuilding of the way we do things compared to the way we used to do things.

From going out and eating to just going to the park. The day of yesterday has changed in so many ways. We are still learning how to go on with our lives in a productive way.

I believe that in the long run, we will get through this with many casualties. I just cannot seem to figure out why many people would not get on board and be an American and get with the program and comply with the recommendations that we are provided with.

It is not a lot to ask to help save many lives that with be at risk of catching something that does not care who you are. Whether you are young, old, or even middle-aged. Everyone is at risk of catching or contracting the virus.

So everyone I hope you can swallow your pride and help people live and carry on a good life. One that is free of all the problems that this virus can create. We aren’t even sure what all this virus does in long-term effects.

Everything is all so new in today’s day and age. Everything is so new so there are no long term effects of all the damage that can come with this disease. It is all so new to the medical community. I guess time will teach us more about all the damage caused by this virus.

I just hope to GOD that people start taking this seriously and stop thinking that this is all a conspiracy theory. Which in my eyes makes no sense when you have all those deaths adding up.


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