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We are all human . Sometimes we need to feel good about everything we do. At times it can be hard to feel good about yourself!!!

Though some of us have a hard time finding that self gratification.

This us a site for those whom need some reassurance about self worth and so many other things that can plague your mind.

I became a caregiver for an autistic child and a lady suffering from memory loss.

Which has taken me on this  journey!!!

memory loss
Memory Loss


After the market crash of 2008, it was a very trying time. It seemed like everything that could go wrong went wrong. I believe it was a challenge for many people.

Going from working seven days a week to hardly being able to get a full day in. After scrambling and hunting for work got to become more than it was worth.

So that is when I decided to give internet marketing a try. What a task trying to learn everything from YouTube and blogs.

It appears that no one wants to get off of their secret’s that come with the territory. I wish I could swing getting a coach, but that is not possible at this time.

Having to raise an autistic child is a lot of work in so many ways that most never ever think of the things that come with autism. It seems to me that most take things for granted. I know I was guilty of it.

To add to the situation my partner started to develop memory loss in some situations. Depending on what we were doing and how overwhelmed she got.

There are many reasons that were unexpected that is leading me in this direction. The main reason was lack of work. It appeared that most were a bit frightened to spend money. I can fully understand that!

I wish I would have picked up a computer much earlier than I did. The internet changes so quickly, seems like the changes happen every day. For some, it is a natural thing to do learning all the ins and outs of internet marketing.

For me it tends to be trial and error learning all there is to know. Plus many are not going to share their knowledge about internet marketing.

So I try and post as much as I can while I embark on this journey. So far I have spent lots of my finances on some software and some training that I have come upon.

So check back from time to time and let me share my experience on this journey that I have embarked upon.

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