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With the pandemic arising time management has taken a bumpy road for many of us. There has been a lack of focus and direction that has kept us from being more productive.
It seems as though everything has a to-do list.
There are new and improved tools like Rescue time, which seem to be gaining popularity. In this article, I am going to reveal 3 essential time management tips that have made a difference for me.
I am going to share them with you in the hope that they will be helpful to you.
The first of these 3 essential time management tips is to have a clear vision of the time you have in the day. This is very important because it creates the basis of your schedule.
Once you have this you can begin to allocate the time you need for specific activities.
The next of these 3 essential time management tips is to be extremely disciplined.
I know this sounds very easy. And it is but it’s not easy if you have the wrong habits and thinking around you. Habits and thinking are easy to change but changing your own habits can be very difficult.
Many of us want to relax first and run after we have finished working. This can be disastrous because it is easy to get distracted and end up working much longer than we need to.
The last of these 3 essential time management tips is to have realistic plans. It is crucial to have a plan and stick to it.
Without a plan, you are no better than a fish swimming in the water. Without a plan, you are not going to be able to tell how long tasks will take.
Without a plan, you will not be able to tell how long your lunch break will be and so on.
Having a plan and sticking to it can save you hours every day. It is so easy to lose your train of thought when you are trying to get things done.
In these 3 essential time management tips, I am going to be sharing how I discipline myself to keep my time productive and on time.


1. Be ruthless with your time

What do I mean by this? Well, it means you need to stop wasting your time on trivial things.
When you are working there is a very limited amount of time you can spend on any one thing.
If you can’t find the time for something it is usually a good idea to give it a miss. You need to realize that you only have 24 hours in a day and you need to make the most of it.

2. Stop procrastinating

You know you are procrastinating when you come up with some other task you think you will do later. You also know when you are procrastinating when you’re not getting anything done.
You also know when you’re procrastinating when you can’t find the time to work on something. Has this been the way your days have been going lately?
To stop procrastinating you need to have very firm control over what you are doing with your time. You need to plan what you are doing with your time and then follow your plan.
To make the most of your time plan then follow your plan. Do not change your plan.

3. Know what is important

What is important? Well, you need to think about what tasks are important to you. This is where your discipline comes in.
If you need to do a task that will give you money or status then do it. Do not waste your time doing tasks that are not important to you.
You also need to keep in mind what is the best use of your time. If you are doing something that is not your field of expertise then shift it to another day and do something else.
You also need to focus on important tasks because once you stop focusing on them you will start wasting your time. This is where good time management comes in.

4. Schedule your time

Once you know what is important to you then you need to schedule your time. Once you schedule your time you need to make sure that you do not move onto other tasks without the proper time to do so.
If you schedule to do a task that is not your field of expertise then you need to make sure you have enough time to complete it.
It may not be necessary to give yourself an extra half an hour, 1 hour, or even 2 hours to complete certain tasks but make sure you schedule enough time to do them.
Also, make sure that you schedule things in a way that it is easy for you to do them. It is not necessary to give yourself a time crunch, but give yourself a time window to do it.
For example, if you have 5 tasks to do today and you decide to do them in this order: homework, writing a paper, errands, business writing project, then make sure you give yourself a time window to do it in and stick to it.

5. Time blocking.

Time blocking can be a very effective time management technique.
What it does is it takes a time-consuming task and sets a time period to complete it in and after the time period is up, it switches to another task.
What it does is lets you know how much time you have left to complete a certain task or project. It allows you to plan your time effectively.

6. Work on the big projects first

It is vital that you start working on the big projects as soon as you become aware of them.
Many people wait until they are in the middle of a project to start working on smaller tasks.
This is how you can find yourself wasting time on less important tasks.
This is one of the most important time management techniques.
Do not wait until you have spent a month or two completing a project to start working on another. Start on the first one as soon as you are aware of it.


Good time management is vital for successful project completion. Achieving your goals involves finding ways to use your time effectively.

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