Forgetting Things

memory loss
losing your memory

It can be a painful situation when someone you care about seems to be Forgetting things that once where .just everyday things, that we take for granted.

It starts out slow and then appears more and more when things just seem to be out of place. Raising an autistic child makes you notice things more than you normally would, even the smallest of things. Kind of keeps you on your toes at best!

Raising an autistic child is a feat within itself.Raising an autistic child who is medically needy is twice the fight. Which can be stressful at times to say the least. So many Doctor appointments,plus deicating your life for the well being of this child.

Most people do not understand autism unless they are put in this kind of situation. They seem to think that the child is acting up or even just being a bratty child. Until you look through their eyes and see the world as they do, you can never understand!

Then when one starts to lose their memory but they will not admit it,  More and more things start to become evedient.This can really be hard for one to try and understand. I see it in some very small things at the beginning at first. All of a sudden it appears more everyday plus it starts to become bigger things.

Denail is the worst part of it . It hurts so much to see someone you love not to be able to do the things that were easy to do at one time. Even the simplist litle things seem to be a task to do.

I try to encourage her as much as possible and give as much positive input that I can. Looking into those eyes and seeing the fear at times just tears at me. Try explaining these things to an autistic child without hurting anyones feeelings is a rocky road to walk upon!

Encouragement and postive input seems to be the only thing I have found to get us all through the day at this time. Doctors will be seen as soon as possible starting with tomorrow.

Watching someone forgetting things is a hardship on anyone. When an autistic child starts believing that it is her faulth,seeing the doubt and pain in those eyes will make you look at life in such a way that you learn to appriecate everything even the smallest little thing.

memory loss
losing your memory hurts


It can lead to depression plus eating away at your self esteem not to mention the effects it has on those around you!!!

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