Self Esteem With Life

Self esteem is a strong value through out your life. It affects the way you look at life and everything about life in general. From the beginning of your childhood many things come into factor.

The values you are taught plus how you were treated by many people, including your own family members. How your peers treated you at school including in front of friends

Good self esteem
Feeling Good Today

It seems now a days it is much simpler to belittle someone due to the internet and social media. Bullying has a life changing effect on many. You really have to have tough skin in these times of age.

I grew up in a different time when things were much simpler. Has I see it, those were the good old days. Only thing I can regret is that my parents had gotten divorced in a time when it was not accepted by most. It took my self-esteem to the bottom. Plus my father had gotten custody of all the kids, which was unheard of in those days.

Things had gotten so bad that I was ashamed even to go to school. Which led me down some wrong streets. Though I always kept a good attitude. Though I always tried to feel good about myself and it was really a challenge. I turned to some of the wrong ways and practically had no guidance at all from home.

It can be self destructive in so many ways if you have low self esteem. The feeling can cripple you, plus keeping you from so many things that you can easily miss out on. Not just for yourself, also people in your life that matter and love. Days can be harmful. Gray days come more than anyone deserves. It will keep inside, away from everyone that matters in your life. Who can live like that is hard to fathom. Crippling your days to all ends. There is help out there for everyone whom suffers from this disorder.