Autism Labeled These Day’s For Many People Of All Types

sweetness is all in autistic child

Gifted Way Finder In The South Pacific I found this article that is so on spot in this day and time. Autism has become a label that really wasn’t used much in the past. Great read on how in the west we look ,label plus some tend to use it against one. Sailing the sea … Read more

Over Whelmed Days

Being a caregiver for people with disabilities takes a special kind of person to make things seem like things are normal for all of the people that they take care of. Watching someone who was able to do so many things, things that most of us take for granted. When they don’t seem to believe that anything … Read more

Healthy Ways For All

Eating Healthy Foods

Healthy Ways Of Cooking in 2 Steps     Stave Off Disease By learning to Prepare Your Meals in a More Healthful Manner! Introduction Whether you’re hoping to lose weight or just trying to improve your overall health, The way you cook can mean the difference between you feeling energetic and getting the right kinds of … Read more

Reinventing Oneself

  This is the beginning or should I say the start of reinventing myself. After years of self abuse by working in the heat sweating and slaving building homes I now have to walk down a different path. To old and with no work around I chose the challenge of working from home on the … Read more