Feel Good For Yourself For Yourself Being

Feel Good For Yourself For Yourself Being

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The Sweetest For All!

Sometimes we as humans find it hard to feel good about ourselves in so many ways. It seems to be a flaw that some of us just can not seem to get away from in are own minds.

Some of view our self’s as not to be good enough for anyone or anything thus creating a life of unfair misery.

Of course a lot of this is ingrained into us from others usually starting in the  early years of are life’s and for some it tends to creep up on them at the age of ten or preteen years of life many would say.

I see that in my own way. and we all deserve to feel good for our self and all that surrounds us.

After all everyone has different views of beauty. Beauty as I see it comes from within plus all your actions towards your fellow human beings that come in contact with.

It in some way or another should be one of the most beautiful feelings there is. Self esteem plays a big part of it all.

Everyone has different values in life though, so many feelings of others are over looked.

My partner has trouble feeling good about herself in so many ways,  it is so depressing not just for her but including everyone in her life.

I believe it started in her early years. She was the product of a shot-gun wedding

I feel there was a lot of resentment towards her because of this and it appears she suffered emotional and psychical abuse in some form or another because of this.

It appears everything was her fault. Matter of fact I can tell that she thinks there was and still is to this day.

Attitude speaks for it self in all people, no matter who you are. I have had a very hard time getting her to feel good about  herself and everyone around her and she does have a big impact on one child.

This child needs tenderness in all ways, she and I adopted her granddaughter whom was born at twenty-five weeks of age.

Just a bit to soon and she weighted in at 26 ounces which led to a prolonged stay in the prenatal I.C.U. She had a stay of eleven months and didn’t get much physical contact with anyone much because you just could not hold her for any length of time.

Of course she was taken from the biological parents and that is how we ended up adopting her.

Her organs were not fully developed and had G.E.R.D. and could not hold any kind of fluids down, so they inserted a Nisin in her digestion system to hold the fluids down, its like a one way valve and then put in a G Tube inserted into her stomach to feed her.

She had to be on that feeding pump for a total of seven years. So my partner had to stop working to care for this child with  so many doctor appointments every week.

We finally got her off the pump, though her eating habits are terrible plus it  sure changed ours to the extreme.

She will not eat much and refuses to eat anything that has anything to do with animals or other  living things. So no more steak and worst of all no fish!

It got to be so much  for my partner in this case to really do all the things she had to do, especially with the biological mother creating so many problems.

It was like one of those situations where misery loves company.

Of course that was just the beginning. We had to survive on one income and I was in the home building industry and we all know what happened to that in 2008. Actually I saw it fall in 2007.

It got to be little to much for her and it come to make her ill. So that is what has led up to this site and to find things to help people  for them self’s and the rest will try to help them feel good about how other people see them.

I have found out if you really don’t feel good about yourself it will lead to things that will hurt you or make you feel worst about how you look at everything in life including yourself.

There is no age limit plus it affects many people of all types. of course many people are good at hiding it from everyone.

They seem to feel like it is a sign of weakness and so many more negative things. Face it we are human and of course no one is perfect.

Though there are a lot of those out there whom seem to think they are. So I am going to do my due diligence and to change so many things for some the best that I can.

This has led me on a journey of reinvention and fight for the two best things that came into my life!

Going into a whole new arena can be freighting and overwhelming. When the information overload sets in then your mind spins into overdrive and that just makes you spin your wheels even faster.

Looking for the next best promise and there are not any out there! This will be a place for all kinds, all ages and what ever else is out there!

It is time for all of us to feel good for ourselves and everyone else! So many of our days can be filled with joy and happiness!