Who doesn’t want to feel good about themselves plus all things that are around you? We all want live a happier and healthier life.


Sometimes life can be busy, sometimes a little to busy for us. Busy with family problems, work problems just life problems in general.

Then we forget about the little happy things in our lives. Usually it is the simple little things that make us feel good about ourselves.


Simple little things like watching the sunset or the sunrise. Listening to some music that makes you feel good! Music feeds the soul and mind in so many ways. Go to a concert and really enjoy yourself. As I look at it if not for music I probably would not be alive today.

Make a list of all the things you want to get accomplished but do not put a date on any of them. Not to say take your time but not to pressure yourself to a time frame. Write positive cheesy notes to yourself. Its always great to able to laugh at yourself. Corniness can be cool!

loosen up

corniness can be cool

Watch an old movie that brings back fond memories. Go out to dinner ,enjoy some good comfort food. Dont short change yourself, lighten up and cut loose.

Get out of the digital world for a short time get some digital cleansing. No facebook or any social sites. Go out and be social on an eye to eye program. You wont believe how wonderful it can be. An instant rush for your well being.

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